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“Being a fashion graduate, with attention to detail manifested into starting this straw bag collection that I am working endlessly to grow.”


My Week


~Ramadan Kareem ~


~ Coming soon ~


~ We all have that one friend… ~


~ Watermelon & Mango salad ~


~ No Coffee (4 days to be exact) ~

Hair Tips

I don’t fuss with my hair. Its naturally curly and I have finally made peace with it. Only when I am feeling sassy I will blow it out!
I have though gotten into the habit of not trimming it the recommended 4 weeks, till recently. I will add that my hair grows painfully slow, so my thought was don’t trim it so it will grow. Terrible advice!
I got it trimmed last month and within days I was getting so many compliments on how healthy it looked! So a new habit has been started and this past weekend, I got a follow up trim exactly 4 weeks later.‎
I thought keeping a very low key grooming ritual for my hair would benefit it since I was only aging it (yes you can age your hair).
So regular trims are part of the new hair routine and fingers crossed, here is long and healthy hair!

My Week


~ New Three Floor dress ~

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~ Get Inspired ~


~ Hello April ~


~ Obsession: Nude nails & vintage shell shaped bowl ~

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~ Sun & Gold shoes ~