Straw Totes: How to wear

I often get asked how to style a straw tote/bag and I always answer, however you like!
Who says there is a rule on where and how to wear a straw bag? In the 70’s, actress Jane Birkin was always photographed with her trademark straw basket, she even paired it with a chic black cocktail dress.
In recent years, fashion has started to break the mold of rules allowing for a more simple and natural approach on things. If you are wearing a pair of jeans, a tank and want to carry your straw tote/bag then, why not? Who says they are only beach friendly!
I have shared a few looks to inspire you to carry your own straw bag. For any inquires or orders, please visit our Shop section on the blog.


Button-up Backwards

I cant believe I am promoting the idea of wearing a button-up backwards (see images below)‎, but bare with me, i’ll defend my position!

The backwards shirt has been seen all over the “street style” during the fashion months.

I loved the take for two reasons:

1) I have a love for oversize blouses and find them so utterly chic

2) It’s original! The look allows a sense of a venture and out-of-the box thinking.

I am loving (and sporting) this style for sure!

What are your thoughts on this trend?


I have an obsessive personality when it comes to cloth (remember the fringed skirt hunt). I went on a intense search for the perfect pair of Vintage Levis jeans (it all started while watching season 1 & 2 of Friends where I kept seeing Monica & Rachel wearing them).
Fast forward to an endless amount of searching which lead to finding Love Me Twice on Instagram.
She is located in the UK but her service, and advice on fit and finish has been fantastic and resulted in my first pair of vintage jeans being purchased from her.
Here are a few looks for inspiration in the current “it” jeans.