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Farrah Azam Photography

A photograph has the capability to capture a moment, an emotion and forever hold a memory.
So when I recently started looking for a professional photographer to work with for my site, I was so pleased to have meet Farrah of Azam Photography. We clicked right away. The self trained photographer has such a fantastic eye for colour & angles that its hard to believe that she started this on the love of photography. I am so happy and excited to announce the collaboration with Farrah Azam as the official photographer of Coconut Lace ODJ. We spent the afternoon shooting and talking over lunch and it truly felt like spending time with a girlfriend.
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I have been open about my addiction to Instagram and if you follow me you would notice that I love to take pictures. I am not an aspiring photographer but I do enjoy the element of capturing a moment and sharing it with others. When I was recently approached by Projecteo to test out their miniature Projector I was ecstatic! It’s the only projector that allows you to create slides from your Instagram. Its as easy as signing on to Instagram and selecting 9 images which are then printed onto a wheel. I loved the idea since it allows you to have a hard copy of your images in a small, fun and fully functional gadget. The actual projector is so small it fits into the palm of my hand. But don’t let the size fool you. The images are beautifully vibrant and clear. All that is required is a dark room to view the projected pictures. I also liked that they stayed true to the old school projectors and has a retro appeal. This is a small projector that I will be keeping on display as a conversation starter and an appreciation to photography!

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