Artifact Skin Co.

Artifact Skin just launched their all natural mask line and asked me among the first to try it.

I have a very basic skin regiment. I make sure to wash my face twice a day, morning and night. I moisturize before applying my makeup and I don’t wear makeup unless I am going somewhere or there is an occasion. But with all of that, I still have very dry skin despite the fact that I drink lots of water. So now, I’m making Artifact Skin part of my routine.

I am not one for harsh products and I was drawn to the all natural ingredients, It’s going back to beauty basics really(and who can resist that).

They have a selection of masks to cater to every skin type. With my dry skin, I went for the Egyptian Honey Rose which helps add moisture and pigment correction back into the skin.

Although I just received it last night I had to use it. So I washed my face, applied on the mask that smells delicious and 15min later loved how my skin felt.

To learn more about the Artifact Girl & order your own mask go to