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I have teamed up with Andrew Richard Designs for a giveaway.

We are giving a lucky reader a chic TASCHEN coffee table book courtesy of STRUCK CONTEMPORARY, Andrew Richard Designs new gallery!

1) must be following @hindmatar (Instagram account)

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3) Repost this pic with the hashtag #winwithCoconutLace

Contest is open till Sunday, March 6, 2016. I will be announcing one winner Sunday evening.

Best of luck! 💙

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I was recently approached by BOOMF to try out their edible marshmallows. Not that I need a reason to eat marshmallows, but these are not your ordinary marshmallows. For starters, they are twice the size & did I mention they have personalized Instagram pictures printed on them? They make marshmallows fun! So this summer while hosting a bonfire, why not have a few boxes of these BOOMF marshmallows on hand and let all your family and friends truly be impressed. I will also add that the presentation & packaging is just as sweet and for under 15$ you can’t go wrong.


For over a year I have been obsessing over the Valentino Studded heels. They were torturing me, appearing on all my favourite blogger’s outfit posts. When I incorporate them on my Instagram account for the Shoe Question and realized I cant stop thinking about them. I had a few wonderful readers let me know about The Bay having their own version which I received as a Birthday Present from my sisters. But as the universe works in mysterious ways, while vacationing in Malta, we walked into a Valentino & Burberry boutique where I initially wanted to check out the Valentino handbags… and there they were..staring me in the face…in MY size and as the sales girl informed me “last pair”. The rest as they say is history and as an “anniversary” present from my hubby they were mine!
I still have not had an occasion to wear them but I will admit the pair I got for my Birthday I have been wearing none stop.


I have been open about my addiction to Instagram and if you follow me you would notice that I love to take pictures. I am not an aspiring photographer but I do enjoy the element of capturing a moment and sharing it with others. When I was recently approached by Projecteo to test out their miniature Projector I was ecstatic! It’s the only projector that allows you to create slides from your Instagram. Its as easy as signing on to Instagram and selecting 9 images which are then printed onto a wheel. I loved the idea since it allows you to have a hard copy of your images in a small, fun and fully functional gadget. The actual projector is so small it fits into the palm of my hand. But don’t let the size fool you. The images are beautifully vibrant and clear. All that is required is a dark room to view the projected pictures. I also liked that they stayed true to the old school projectors and has a retro appeal. This is a small projector that I will be keeping on display as a conversation starter and an appreciation to photography!

To place an order to learn more about Projecteo check out the website at


A trend that has been widely embraced by women of all age groups is the Friendship Bracelet.
A staple on every bloggers outfit post has become the idea of layering to-no-end a stack of beautifully coloured friendship bracelets.
I personally love this trend, and if you follow me on Instagram, I periodically post pictures of my “arm party”.
Here are a few looks that I have found and adore. This is also a great way to incorporate colour to overcome the winter blues.
Now the pictures…

Summer Dreaming

I am officially summer dreaming.
A few weeks back I came across Paisley St on Instagram (yes I am a little obsessed). I feel in love with all things crochet. The collection varies from Maxi dresses which I am currently crushing on, to a variety of beach cover up to home pieces.
So if you’re planning your next destination vacation make sure to check out Paisley St.

Tell us about your self?

My Name is Sharon Fletcher, I have a fashion boutique on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
I wanted to do my own little label to offer something a little bit different. After 10 years of being a fashion buyer. I haven’t really ever seen a label that is only Crochet so I thought it was a great avenue to take. The label is named after my 7year old daughter Paisley.

Why Crochet?

Living on the beach and the store being located opposite, we get lots of bikini girls wafting around so crochet is an ideal garment to have on hand. I don’t have any official design background though I have helped a few labels over the years to put together their collections. I have all of my Crochet made by hand in Indonesia in my personal designs.

You have branded into home pieces?

I offer a ‘beach shack’ collection for the home. I do fringed 70’s bed throws with matching fringed cushions, Fringed cushions with cowrie shell detail and big floor cushions to lounge in.

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