I was recently gifted these amazing leggings from Nuvango by my generous friend Maya. She works at the Canadian concept gallery that makes them. They are great quality with vibrant, wearable prints.

I was so excited to receive the Pineapple print after seeing it on their Instagram page. But here is my confession… I love this look casual!

I have seen a few looks with a heel but I feel it calls for a dressed down or even as workout gear!

Here are a few favorite looks from the wonderful WWW and I will be posting my own take on how I wore them soon.

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Cat Ears

There are things you stop wearing after the age of 10 yet fashion has completely changed that.
I haven’t been 10 years old for a while now but I wear a bennie with cat ears! It really took off a few seasons ago when fashion houses did them in lace but for the day to day fashion transferred the look in a more ready to wear look found in bennies, caps and knit hats.
I personally love the playful look! ‎


Hands Off

A current trend is shoes art. I am talking about making the heels to reflect a message, an images or in this case hand prints.
I had to share these Charlotte Olympia & Vivetta shoes as they are corky & fun.
What are your thoughts on this trend? Would you wear them?

Mexico Playa del Carmen

‎This past week I was MIA but if you follow me on Instagram (hindmatar), you would know I was in beautiful Mexico soaking up the sun.
So here are a few pictures of my time in Mexico with ODJ posts to follow.
Happy Tuesday!


I was recently approached by BOOMF to try out their edible marshmallows. Not that I need a reason to eat marshmallows, but these are not your ordinary marshmallows. For starters, they are twice the size & did I mention they have personalized Instagram pictures printed on them? They make marshmallows fun! So this summer while hosting a bonfire, why not have a few boxes of these BOOMF marshmallows on hand and let all your family and friends truly be impressed. I will also add that the presentation & packaging is just as sweet and for under 15$ you can’t go wrong.