“They are handmade”

I was recently asked about the manufacturing process of my straw bags which I was happy to respond with “They are handmade”.
My straw bags are all handmade by local artisans in Morocco & Ghana. As with any product handmade, quality is above and beyond mass produced straw bags.
All my Coconut Lace bags are beautifully hand woven with great attention to details, and workmanship.
Shop our full collection and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy personalizing them.

20 Things

I had one of my followers on Instagram share her 20 Facts about her, and I loved the idea that I wanted to take part.
Here is my 20 Facts about me.

1- I am number 6 of 7 kids in my family (4 girls, 3 boys).

2- I can always start a conversation with any random person at any time.

3- I come up with nicknames for things/ people.

4- My sisters & I can text, Facebook, WhatsApp and talk on the phone all day…..then meet at Tim Hortons for coffee and still have something to talk about!

5- I am a vegetarian and I love it.

6- My first job was at Dairy Queen.

7- I live for chocolate.

8- The season finally of “LOST” upset me so much that I refuse to discuss it.

9- I am afraid of heights yet I live on the 30 floor.

10- I cried while on the Stratosphere Insanity ride in Vegas. (And on the Ferris Wheel in Niagara Falls……)

11- I am a blogger who hates to write. Go figure!

12- I pick the dead ends on my hair.

13- I have a shopping addiction yet I don’t wear half of what I buy.

14- I always sneak in my own candy to the movie theatre. (And water)

15- I love watching French movies and wish I spoke French.

16-I am unbelievably clumsy.

17-I once took an online course and had my hubby do all the homework.

18- I love making bets. I always loose.

19- ‎I can rap the song Gangsters Paradise.

20- I will be celebrating my 3 Year wedding anniversary in a few weeks 🙂