Straw Totes: How to wear

I often get asked how to style a straw tote/bag and I always answer, however you like!
Who says there is a rule on where and how to wear a straw bag? In the 70’s, actress Jane Birkin was always photographed with her trademark straw basket, she even paired it with a chic black cocktail dress.
In recent years, fashion has started to break the mold of rules allowing for a more simple and natural approach on things. If you are wearing a pair of jeans, a tank and want to carry your straw tote/bag then, why not? Who says they are only beach friendly!
I have shared a few looks to inspire you to carry your own straw bag. For any inquires or orders, please visit our Shop section on the blog.


Slip Dress

According to Vogue, slip dresses are Hot Hot Hot for S/S 2016.

Why does this make me happy that I dedicate to write a post about it?
Well it so happens that I had bought one a few seasons ago! Side note: I love comfort and the slip dress has the ability to make you look both sexy and comfy.

So if you are already planning your S/S wardrobe, I suggest adding this to your shopping list.

Here are my two rules for slip dresses:
1) Please don’t buy a CPR dress! Think a loose/comfy yet feminine.
2) Keep it dark. So stay in more muted colors to avoid the look of lingerie.

Happy Shopping!

Reading in these Glasses

I have finally managed to pick out a pair of reading glasses.
Since I was due for a new prescription, I started the hunt a few months back but couldn’t decide on a frame. I know I wanted it to be over sized, thick frame and not an overly populated or overdone designer. So when I finally found these William Morris pair I fell in love (truth be told I loved a Celine pair but went back and found out they were sold).
Here are a few looks that I also liked.
~ D.L Eyewear, Celine, William Morris reading glasses ~