The End of Fashion: Part 2

I was fortunate and excited to visit the town of Portofino

The town of Portofino is a photographers dream!  Every corner in the small posh town makes you stop and truly be taken away.

My husband had prepared me on what to expect, an overload of high-end stores are at every corner of this chic town. And he wasn’t kidding!

And so it seemed that everyone who enjoys luxury shopping wears the same exact thing. Same. Exact. Thing!

It appears everyone follows the same checklist. Cartier love bracelet (check), Hermes Birkin/Kelly (check), Chanel bag (check).

I came to Italy and to the town of Portofino with the idea of style expressed individually and uniquely. However, I was faced with the typical social media-influenced styles.

One morning a girl walked in to the breakfast terrace in the most “Instagram influenced” outfit I actually rolled my eyes.

What happened to style? What happened to buying what you love not what will make you socially cool? What happened to admiring a person’s style and how it is a true reflection of them.

I am so uninspired by fashion at the moment. I walked into the chic boutiques, admired and obsessed over many pieces, and kept asking myself “why not buy these pieces? When money is not an issue, why would I buy what everyone is wearing?”

The few days we spent in Portofino, I made an effort to stand out and be me, so I wore my Banana Republic wrap flats, my Anthropology haram pants, my forever21 flip flops to the pool, and my Triangle swimsuit when the majority of women wore their Missoni bikini. Did they make sure to look at see if I fit in? Sure! Did I care? Not really 😉

I wear what makes me happy. I wear what makes me comfortable. And if it is designer, then I am proud of myself because I work hard to have these things. But I don’t think that buying what everyone is wearing can be classified as “style”.


Scarf Dress by Katie

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