The End of Fashion: Part 1

My wonderful followers, your flood of emails inquiring about my absence on the blog resulted in me taking the jump back in!

I had a moment last night on an evening walk that resulted with a long and detailed conversation with my husband about my feelings on fashion. My lack of inspiration to write any blog posts or provide any outfit posts (I have many images I am yet to be motivated to post) that he finally said “then write about what you feel, I am sure you are not the only one.” 
So here I am! I am taking the step back into Coconut Lace in what I hope would be a more open approach. 

I am hating fashion (there I finally said it!). To me, it has lost its complete essence and passion due to the over exposure of social medial and the pool of over qualified “fashion gurus”. 
I went to school for fashion. I breathed fashion. I worked for a fashion company in my early years in Toronto for a family that lacked any form of personal identity, just to be in the presence of fashion and to only later realize I would not gain much. 
I dislike what fashion has become. There is NO identity. It is an army of fashion “bloggers” turned “influencers”. The images of them in a copy stance of the off-to-next-fashion-show standing with the luggage or strategic camera angel poses. Lame! They all chime the same way, wear the same things and attend the same events. There is no more honest reviews to any products. they all seem to “obsess” or “love” this product or that brand. 
I sometimes wonder some of these “influencers” have access to top PR companies, racks of clothes and brands to choose from yet still manage to pick the safest looks. No originality!
I am a fashion graduate and I live and breath and admire fashion for what it was, not what it is. 
I will be sharing more on the “End of Fashion” in a 3 part rant, as it is my way of starting fresh and opening a door for true opinion from an expert stand. 

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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