Wrap It

I recently received a stunning wool pashmina that has transformed winter dressing for me. But before I continue, I have to thank Sushila for getting me this pashmina all the way from India!

Winter may not be a time to make a fashion statement because of the endless amount of layers, dark colors, and priority of warmth over fashion. Until I received this!

Pashiminas can update (and keep warm) any winter outfit and instantly turn it chic. I am a huge fan of draping my over sized blanket scarf over my jacket but I think my Pashmina will now replace that habit!

Here are a few pictures along with my recent gift of ways to wear it.


Slip Dress

According to Vogue, slip dresses are Hot Hot Hot for S/S 2016.

Why does this make me happy that I dedicate to write a post about it?
Well it so happens that I had bought one a few seasons ago! Side note: I love comfort and the slip dress has the ability to make you look both sexy and comfy.

So if you are already planning your S/S wardrobe, I suggest adding this to your shopping list.

Here are my two rules for slip dresses:
1) Please don’t buy a CPR dress! Think a loose/comfy yet feminine.
2) Keep it dark. So stay in more muted colors to avoid the look of lingerie.

Happy Shopping!

Sock Boots

Oh where do I begin!

I am beyond obsessed with this seasons “IT” boots.
They are chunky, shiny, and have a cool “sock boots” name! They take any outfit from NAY to YAY! So, i’ve made it my mission to wear my chunky boots on pretty much anything, if it crosses my mind I make it work with the outfit.‎ I have been dreaming of the Dior sock boots with transparent heel.

So this season take the plunge and invest in a chunky sock boot your feet will be thanking you 😉

Hello 2016


A new year can mean a lot of things for people like new idea, new goals, new shoes (yes fashion is always on my mind lol) but it can also mean new unrealistic expectations.

So for 2016, I am doing the following: Caring less. Much much less. And that included fashion rules, general life, and basically about everything.

So, in no particular order, here are my top 5 New Years “resolution” :

1) Work harder on my blog!
2) Say No without feeling guilty. This is something we all need to work on.
3) Shop more Vintage.
4) Spend more time with my hubby & family.
5) Make peace with my hair. It will not get thicker, grow any faster, or do what I want.

Happy New Year!