Alternative Fashion

My fashion sense is always evolving. I find my self looking for pieces that are unique, comfortable and loose. I cringe at CPR dresses!

I’ve also have been kinda addicted with boutique shopping lately. I find pieces that not everyone is wearing and I always walk away feeling happy that I am supporting local shops and designers.

Upon discovering Alternative Fashion I took an instant liking to the earthy and minimal collection. It also helps that the designer Alyssa Couture reflects the brand with friendly and creative qualities.

Launching her collection this past Spring 2015, Alyssa’s creations are both simple and effortlessly chic. I share my top 5 looks that I would gladly incorporate into my wardrobe.

Alyssa defines the ideal client to be a “free-spirited, confident woman whom values comfort, ease, and effortless style.”

Shop the collection at

Photographer: Matthew Lomanno

Model: Charlotte Hulseman

Hair: Jeannine Cardinal/ Tara Whitten

Mua: Kaleigh Bisson. 

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