Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen’s new formulated Miracle Gel promises at home manicure with no lights yet same results as salon gel polish application and 14 days of beautiful nails.

The 14 days sold me. I have tried gel polish a few times and the results have been great so I was already sold on same concept, less damage.

I purchased the polish and top coat (necessary to have the promised results) and headed to the salon to get a manicure. I have to say the first 12 hours were great. Until I did some house work (while wearing gloves) and it still peeled. Went for a swim and it peeled even more!

I got the manicure on Saturday and by Monday it looked like a disaster (and I was being careful to not let it chip). Determined to give it another try, I gave my self a manicure Monday night and by mid day Tuesday it started to chip again.
Now I know some people wear polishes longer than others, but I was so disappointed in the results due to the fact that I researched it and found feedback praising how good it is.

I would give it a 1 out of 5. The results weren’t as promised. The cost is high ($12 a polish) considering I have lower cost polishes with better results. If you tried it, please let me know & give me tips to extend the wear of my polish.

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