Sanuk is and American brand (started in Southern California) that was founded by Jeff Kelley. He combined the zen and calm lifestyle and applied it in design & fit. The name Sanuk (originally from the Thai language) means Happiness & Funk, which is evident throughout out the collection.

Established in 1997, Sanuk has grown from the initial design of using inner tubes & indoor-outdoor carpet to making the first sandals. It has since expanded into boots, loafers, high top light booties & the classic Yoga Mat sandals for both men and women.

I found my self drawn to Saunk for the obvious reasons of comfort & style, but also for the organic feel of the brand.

I have few styles in mind that stands out and I cannot wait to have my hands on them. Of course being a fan of comfort & sneakers I will be adding them to my wardrobe very soon. lets face it, Who can resist a cute pair of shoes? and to top it off are super comfortable.

Having already established a significant following of clients around the Globe, Canadians can now shop the Sanuk collection online.

View & Shop the collection for Men & Women at

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