Hair Fashion: 5 Fall Hair Tips

Fall & Winter are just around the corner which can only mean hair damage.
I have decided to create a check list to help with the upcoming seasons & how to be one step ahead.

1) Get a trim: No one is asking for inches off but a trim on the ends is a great way to start the season.

2) Condition and condition: I used to remember clients who would tell me they didn’t condition their hair and question why its brittle. Conditioning helps to put moisture and softness into the hair so remember this trip to always apply it on the ends first then work what is left to the roots.

3) Comb hair in the shower: I use a wide tooth comb and after I apply my conditioner I make sure to comb my hair.

4) Treatment: I know people who swear by hair masks so if it works for your hair type great! For me olive oil or coconut oil on the ends of the hair then tied in a bun for a few hours before a shower is a great way to give your hair a treatment. Just remember don’t get any on the roots & only do this once or twice a month.

5) Hair Break: We get tired of the same food imagine how our hair feels from the same style! So give your hair a break on weekends and try to make the blow-dry a part time friend.

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