Dolorous Jewelry

Toronto is home to some of the most amazing jewelry designers. I was recently introduced to Danielle Singer the designer behind the brand Dolorous Jewelry.

What caught my attention about the beautiful collection is the use of brass. In a flood of designers, one must always stand out in the slightest of form and Danielle jewelry makes the cut.

A collection of body chains, hand pieces, earrings, necklaces and stunning shoulder jewelry (her jewellery has been seen on CWs Reign & on singer Taylor Momsen, and in numerous fashion magazines).

I love the individuality her pieces represent yet maintaining feminine regardless of the strong metal they are created in.

When I asked Daniella what her favourite piece was from her collection…

” It would be really difficult for me to pick a favourite piece from the collection because there are several that I love, each for very different reasons, but one thing that did stick out to me from this collection is copper! Creating each collection typically starts with rigorously sourcing unusual and striking vintage materials, so sometimes I end up falling in love with something before its even made! This was this case with a few of the pieces in this collection because that vintage copper square chain, as seen in the Alia Bodychain and Belt, as well as the Aelxei and Anika Bodychains, literally took my breath away when I found it. Buried deep in the back corner of a warehouse, as soon as I saw it I knew it would be the star of the collection, and its unique beauty was a strong source of the designs that were made with it. ”

To shop the collection @

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