Modern Veil

When I was planning my wedding, I remember obsessing over a bird cage veil. It was everything I loved…chic, simple, & fashion forward (that was almost 4 years ago).
I had mixed reviews from family & friends and ended up wearing my sister’s vintage veil. It has more sentimental value and it marked my sisters 10 year anniversary on my wedding day, we share the same date! I loved the idea of it being passed down from my sister that it quickly made up for the birdcage.
But the birdcage veil is still very in style. I have since seen it on many brides. A few weeks ago, I came across the very boho chic veils that tie at the head and are adorned with embellishment.
It combines a veil and a headpiece! So to all the modern brides, take this is something you definitely want to try if you want a none traditional veil and a definite statement piece.
What are your thoughts on this veil trend?

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