Hair Fashion: Straight vs Wavy

In my series of quick hair styles, I am asking the question Straight or Wavy?
I find my self straightening my hair only later running a curling iron through it.
Although my hair is curly I like a more softer curl or even a weave that looks so effortless and chic.
In response to my own questions I like both hair looks but it also depends on my mood and the occasion.
What do you prefer Straight or Wavy curls & what products do you use?

Filthy Haanz

‎I find my self drawn to Canadian designers. I love supporting & featuring home grown designers who follow their calling.
I was recently introduced to Filthy Haanz through a PR agency. They had sent me a release of the Filthy Haanz collections by head designer & creative coordinator Wilber Tellez. The brand houses a casual collection named Basics & upscale collection named GOLD both inspired by Miami.
I was automatically drawn to the GOLD collection targeted to the fashion forward women who is a chic jet setters with its bold cuts and fabrics.
To view the full collection at
Here are some of my personal favourites from the beautiful collection.


Alfred Sung top, H&M Skinnies, Aldo heels, Ray Ban Sunnies

I find that when I want to look “professional” for either meetings or an interviews I will always wear Black.
For a recent meeting I paired a pair of Black skinnies with a cream blouse, brown heels for a look that is both professional and polished


Henna is one of the oldest form of body art. Rooted in both Indian & Middle Eastern culture, henna is commonly used in celebrations of weddings, engagements, and Eid. It’s body art with a short term commitment, 5-7 days depending on the pigment of the henna.
With Eid less than a week away, I have decided to revive a childhood memory and will be getting a henna design on my hand so stay turned for how it turned out.
In the mean time here are a few designs I liked.


H&M Tee, Peter Pilotto X Target shorts, Steve Madden Loafers

Every Summer I make a list of things I want to do. Walk more, enjoy the weather, go to the beach & eat endless amount of ice cream.
So a few weeks ago before the month of Ramadan began I made sure to enjoy a last walk in the streets of Toronto, test out a local ice cream shop I have been eyeing and make sure to enjoy the beautiful weather.
What is your summer list?

Modern Veil

When I was planning my wedding, I remember obsessing over a bird cage veil. It was everything I loved…chic, simple, & fashion forward (that was almost 4 years ago).
I had mixed reviews from family & friends and ended up wearing my sister’s vintage veil. It has more sentimental value and it marked my sisters 10 year anniversary on my wedding day, we share the same date! I loved the idea of it being passed down from my sister that it quickly made up for the birdcage.
But the birdcage veil is still very in style. I have since seen it on many brides. A few weeks ago, I came across the very boho chic veils that tie at the head and are adorned with embellishment.
It combines a veil and a headpiece! So to all the modern brides, take this is something you definitely want to try if you want a none traditional veil and a definite statement piece.
What are your thoughts on this veil trend?