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I was recently approached by BOOMF to try out their edible marshmallows. Not that I need a reason to eat marshmallows, but these are not your ordinary marshmallows. For starters, they are twice the size & did I mention they have personalized Instagram pictures printed on them? They make marshmallows fun! So this summer while hosting a bonfire, why not have a few boxes of these BOOMF marshmallows on hand and let all your family and friends truly be impressed. I will also add that the presentation & packaging is just as sweet and for under 15$ you can’t go wrong.


Vintage Dress, Valentino heels, Danier clutch, MAC “Ruby Woo” lipstick

One fashion rule to live by is to have a LBD (little black dress). It should be transitional, great fit, and used as a go to dress for last minute events. So this past weekend for a Gala dinner in support of Breast Cancer hosted by Amici Spa, I decided to wear a LBD with beaded leaf print all over. I love that it’s fun, classy and basically a LBD with a twist!

My Week


Danier Leather Jacket, Hubby Shirt, Moon Skirt, ALDO booties,

It’s no secret I have tendencies to “borrow” my hubby’s shirts. For starters he has a great collection of T-shirts and recently I discovered my love for how his shirts fit, and when paired with a lace pencil skit the final look is both feminine and masculine.

Photography: Farrah Azam

Kiki Makeup Bag

Kiki Spring 2014 trend report

1. Heathy gorgeous skin. Very organic, glow from within, a bounce of colour on the cheek, less bronze more pink, peach, apricot,and lavender!! Think very feminine almost dewy using creamy product to add texture.

2. This trend is all about hazy, filtered tints and tones found naturally(like seen through Instagram), veils of colour! Using both warm and cool shades.

3. Light reflecting makeup making skin look super luxe!! Think glassy, opalescent, with beautiful highlight, shimmer, and glitter mixing gold and silver both on eyes and skin.

4. This trend is all about the eyes, think 50s liner, 60s lashes and the 90s slept in looked, it’s all about the detail. Retro, timeless with a modern twist.

Two years for Coconut Lace

Happy Birthday Coconut Lace!!
I can’t begin to express the gratitude from all the love that I have received towards my journey with Coconut Lace. I keep saying this but with out you wonderful flowers & readers, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am excited about Coconut Lace’s future to expand and grow with and for all my readers. I feel so blessed and loved and it’s not even because it’s Valentines Day! But because it is Valentine, I want to wish all the lovers a wonderful day, today and every day because love is to be celebrated all year not just on the 14th of February.


For a long time I would only wear a nude coloured lip or just a touch of lip gloss. But recently my love for a strong bold lip has made me want to share a recap of my favourite lipstick looks.

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It’s safe to say we are all over winter. Ugh! The snow does look beautiful, but the cold weather and excessive layering to seek warmth are causing a serious summer sadness. So as an attempt to make the best of everything, I have decide that I will now try to accessories my hats with brooches. On a recent outing, I decided to make my hat my accessory with a brooch and the final look was great!