Kiki Makeup Bag

Radiant Rose Highlight Cream, 186 Duo Concealer Brush, Mineralized Concealer, Prep & Prime Powder Loose

These are my must haves products for a perfect concealed eye!!
First apply radiant rose highlight cream around the entire eye orbit, blend with 186 duo concealer brush which is a must have too have a air brushed look!!
Starting with a thin layer of concealer applied around the entire eye orbit using the 186 concealer brush, always have a colour slightly lighter the your skin to brighten the darkness!! I love MAC mineralized concealer it has a wand applicator which is easy to apply and the product is hydrating and is a medium coverage and build-able! Ok so this next step is so important using a transparent powder, I love MAC’s prep & prime powder loose, AMAZING, apply a light layer around the entire eye using MAC duo brush 138! This step set all the layers so it stays and the powder makes everything look soft and prevents any of the products settling in any fine lines!!
Remember when concealing under eyes or spots to use many thin layers building until you get your desired coverage,using a duo fiber brush really helps to blend out product so really invest in a great one!!

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