20 Things

I had one of my followers on Instagram share her 20 Facts about her, and I loved the idea that I wanted to take part.
Here is my 20 Facts about me.

1- I am number 6 of 7 kids in my family (4 girls, 3 boys).

2- I can always start a conversation with any random person at any time.

3- I come up with nicknames for things/ people.

4- My sisters & I can text, Facebook, WhatsApp and talk on the phone all day…..then meet at Tim Hortons for coffee and still have something to talk about!

5- I am a vegetarian and I love it.

6- My first job was at Dairy Queen.

7- I live for chocolate.

8- The season finally of “LOST” upset me so much that I refuse to discuss it.

9- I am afraid of heights yet I live on the 30 floor.

10- I cried while on the Stratosphere Insanity ride in Vegas. (And on the Ferris Wheel in Niagara Falls……)

11- I am a blogger who hates to write. Go figure!

12- I pick the dead ends on my hair.

13- I have a shopping addiction yet I don’t wear half of what I buy.

14- I always sneak in my own candy to the movie theatre. (And water)

15- I love watching French movies and wish I spoke French.

16-I am unbelievably clumsy.

17-I once took an online course and had my hubby do all the homework.

18- I love making bets. I always loose.

19- ‎I can rap the song Gangsters Paradise.

20- I will be celebrating my 3 Year wedding anniversary in a few weeks 🙂

One thought on “20 Things

  1. Maya says:

    LOL Hind I did Insanity & X-Scream in Vegas, and it was the most terrifying experience of my life! Haha I practically turned white and could barely move/speak from sheer terror. I’m scared just remembering!!

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