Summer time sadness

H&M top, A&F shorts, Kate&Mel sandles, Moon Leather tote

I am always interested in styles that have a masculine feel to them. I find they are more structured and fit wonderfully. These shorts make the cut with a masculine yet feminine feel to them. I decided to play up the vibrant electric blue with my favorite dotted peplum top as my fairwell to summer.

A New Hemline

Next to summer, my favourite season has to be Fall. I love the changing colors of the trees and the cool breeze. With that said, I am thrilled about the new hemline length popping up all over the runways for Fall 2013. The longer hemline (which hits below the knee and a little longer depending on the style) is such a chic cut. Now let me explain why I am loving this trend. This hemline has a way of looking chic & classy yet sexy which is rare for certain hemlines.
I would recommend wearing it with a heel or a chunky boot to dress it down.

My Week

Kiki Makeup Bag

Products: 187 MAC duo fibre brush, Something special creme blush, Lightscapade mineralized highlight

Apply highlight to the temple wrapping around eye to cheeks bone using the duo fiber MAC brush, using the same brush apply a liberal amount of something special creme blush on the brush starting at the apple of the cheeks moving the brush in a circle motion back to the hairline!! This movement Creates a soft finish with a beautiful dewy look! Using a duo fibre brush also helps create this look!!

Costa Blanca top, Vintage skirt, BCBG heels, Layered necklaces

My current full-time job is my Fashion Journal & working from home, I find my self missing the act of dressing up. Although I worked in an office before, we never had a dress code so I am always promising my self that for my next office job, I will wear more pencil skirts, try out new looks and always stay true to not matching!

My Week

20 Things

I had one of my followers on Instagram share her 20 Facts about her, and I loved the idea that I wanted to take part.
Here is my 20 Facts about me.

1- I am number 6 of 7 kids in my family (4 girls, 3 boys).

2- I can always start a conversation with any random person at any time.

3- I come up with nicknames for things/ people.

4- My sisters & I can text, Facebook, WhatsApp and talk on the phone all day…..then meet at Tim Hortons for coffee and still have something to talk about!

5- I am a vegetarian and I love it.

6- My first job was at Dairy Queen.

7- I live for chocolate.

8- The season finally of “LOST” upset me so much that I refuse to discuss it.

9- I am afraid of heights yet I live on the 30 floor.

10- I cried while on the Stratosphere Insanity ride in Vegas. (And on the Ferris Wheel in Niagara Falls……)

11- I am a blogger who hates to write. Go figure!

12- I pick the dead ends on my hair.

13- I have a shopping addiction yet I don’t wear half of what I buy.

14- I always sneak in my own candy to the movie theatre. (And water)

15- I love watching French movies and wish I spoke French.

16-I am unbelievably clumsy.

17-I once took an online course and had my hubby do all the homework.

18- I love making bets. I always loose.

19- β€ŽI can rap the song Gangsters Paradise.

20- I will be celebrating my 3 Year wedding anniversary in a few weeks πŸ™‚


YSL vintage scarf as turban, Moon top, H&M jeans, Stuart Weitzman heels, MAC “Ruby Woo” lipstick, The Chic Jewelry Eye ring

I have been vocal about my love for turbans and how chic they can be. Its such a simple and quick way to personalize any look. I have always kept this look for the beach but took the plunge into incorporating it into my outfit for a night out… and it was a great success!

3 Questions

The creative world of jewellery design is a fast growing market. It seems everyone has a hidden talent for statement pieces, but the true element of any designer is the creative process. Taking anything and turning it into a piece that makes you fall in love.
Green Eyes Rocks designer Deborah Jayne Veitch has managed to make laser cut perspex look oh so chic and in the most beautiful and eye catching colours. Here is my interview with the designer all the way from UK.
To shop her stunning collection

Who is Deborah the designer behind Green Eye rocks?

I Live with my husband and my cat (Monty the Terrible stylist)! in Brighton on the South Coast of the UK not far from London but right near the beach, I have worked from my home studio for 13 years now and love it!

I Was a Stage school graduate who lived and studied classical ballet in Covent Garden London and my love affair with couture , Vintage and accessories started when studying the amazing costumes of the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera house and whilst making my own costumes & customizing my Vintage wardrobe to look as couture as possible on a student budget and of course to be different. Individuality was incredibly important to me and has stayed a constant throughout my entire life. My love of fascinating bright colours has also developed through the years on my global travels and has become an integral part of all my designs as has Vintage in some way.

What is your design background & how did you get started?

Up until last year and spanning 12 years I had worked as a consultant Designer and Finance Director (I have a business brain too!!) for a London based Jewellery Design Company who designed and supplied jewellery to all the big brands on the UK high street, in the last couple of years I became their vintage buyer, buying from local specialist dealers and countrywide Antiques fairs. I had done a couple of shoes ranges and bag ranges in this time but with the constraint of margins for the big cheaper brands we could not move forward with them because I was NOT prepared to compromise on quality.

In April 2012 I took a leap of faith and decided to start my own accessories brand full time. I started working with mainly all vintage components and recycling them with modern materials, making them into modern, high fashion wearable art. I spend a huge amount of time sourcing high quality Vintage components from Antique fairs, Vintage shops & Global suppliers. I then restore, customize and update them making them more edgy so they compliment modern trends and colour palettes but still leave their Vintage character intact. Genuine Vintage jewellery & components offered so much for me in terms of shape, style, design, colours and the most important thing QUALITY!
The thing I am most proud of right now is my β€œMade in England β€œ Luxury embellished leather bag range due to launch over the next couple of weeks. They are ALL handmade here in the UK by me and each one is a real labour of love.
The UK is synonymous with quality fashion but lately so many brands have everything manufactured in the Far East to meet price points and that really disappoints me. I believe you cannot beat good old handcrafting and individual design and I will not compromise even down to materials. I buy from small Artisan suppliers rather than mass produced materials.
No two pieces in my collection are the same because I want my customers to feel special. As an accessories buyer I always bought things for my own personal collection that were totally different and inspiring it was never about the label always about its style! I never make anything I don’t love or would not wear myself.

For 2014 what do you see will be on trend, and what do you see will be fading?

Trend is hard one for me to answer because I either dream or suddenly get a feel for something and work with it only to find it is actually an up coming trend my T-Shirt collars came way before I had seen the new Tom Ford range and it always seems to shock me that I can do this, however that aside I feel that fashion has become more fun in the last couple of years more Vintage inspired and even the luxury brands are introducing BRIGHT colours, these bright colours keep coming back year after year, they make you feel good and super bright can be very flattering too! I am a huge fan of Mary Katranzhou and her amazing prints which I have been since I first saw her designs and I am loving her resort wear 2014!
Also Glitter fabric this has been used so much over the last 2 years by various accessories designers I am using it on my leather bags but the trend just keeps evolving everyone is using it now.
My hope for trend fade in 2014 is High Heel sneakers…Just wrong.