Kiki Makeup Bag

Kiki tips to achieve a dramatic smokey eye.

Products: MAC eye shadow is uninterrupted, mascara is in-extra dimension 3D, lord it up liner, #36 lashes

So always start with a base from lash to brow to prevent creasing and so shadows stay put all day, bases act like velcro, it makes everything else stick!! I like a neutral colour that matches your skin tone. I used MAC (all products are MAC) paint in bare canvas and a light shadow to follow to lock everything in Blanc type!

Next step is to take your dark shade and this can be any dark shadow of your choice using a flat small brush blend the colour from lash to crease (no further) when you have the depth of colour you want take a dry fluffy brush and blend it over the crease softening the line, this is called dry brushing and is a must when doing a smokey eye.

Now add a little liner on top and mascara,if you want it smokier follow with liner on the bottom and in the waterline! You can also add lashes for a nice dramatic look.

Color Blocking

Costa Blanca top, Vintage Chanel brooch, Harem pant from Barcelona, ALDO heels

I am a late bloomer. I just discovered my love for color blocking and although this trend really took off last year I am now starting to apply it to my wardrobe. The only tip I would recommend is to keep the colors in the same family (cool & warm tone).

My Week

Blue Jeans

Gifted vintage top, Joe slim boyfriend jeans, Aldo Shoes, mac & jac sunnies

There is something about receiving a gift that combines all things you want in one. I was recently gifted this Vintage lace top from my best friend and I was so happy with it. It combines all things I love….Vintage, peplum and lace! Wanting to dress it down I had to pair it with a fitted boyfriend jean and it looked oh so great. I think this will be a staple in my wardrobe.

No Really

These may appear as comical handbags, but I assure you they are 100% functional. I recently came across Jump From Paper and had to know more about this corky brand.
Originally started by Rika Lin & Chay Su, they wanted to incorporate fun element to the handbag market. They have expanded their brand into both men and women handbags, and have gained celebrity cliental with Katy Perry spotted wearing their cross bag.

Make sure to check out the website to view and shop the collection.

Back to Black

Sirens one piece jumper, Vintage belt, ALDO watch, Cuff gifted, Emidesh dainty ring, Elie Tahari heel.

The past few months have brought a lot of change to my life, although I take everything as a blessing. I am concentrating on growing and expanding both my brand and my personal life. I have also decided to dedicate time for some much needed outfit posts, cover more designers and meet new ones, and to show my readers more of who I am.

My Week

My Week

Beauty – Fashion – Food

Beauty – Fashion – Food: In our third segment we talk about Food.
We show you how to make a delicious Icebox Cake, best part no baking required.

Ramadan Kareem

May the light that we celebrate at Ramadan
show us the way and lead us together
on the path of peace and social harmony.
Wish you a very Happy Ramadan.
~ Poem by unknown author ~