A home is a reflection of the owner, with that being said it should also be personalized.
Last week I spent a few hours making these cushions for my bedroom. It took nothing more then the right measurement, iron on letters and a sewing machine. The end result was exactly what I had wanted, they are crisp white and chic. I also wanted to add a little texture to our black and white bedroom.

My Week

Kiki Makeup Bag

Kiki tips to achieve the perfect lipstick application.

Products: MAC cranapple & night blooming, EOS lip conditioner.

Always start any lip application with a lip conditioner like EOS, which will soften the lip and give a smooth even finish!
Apply your lip liner trace the shape of your lip line, you want to stay right on the edge of the lip line for a full lip effect, then blend lips together to soften any harsh lines.

Finally apply lipstick to centre of lip blending slightly with finger to work colour into the lip!! Congrats you have just perfected your lips!! Great job!

I Wore: Puppy Love

Eyes on Tees Rottweiler top, Prada sunnies, MAC “Girl about town” lipstick, Hudson’s Bay heels

Fashion is always incorporating elements of everyday objects as subjects. This season it was animals overload. Although I am not a pet owner, I will gladly wear the image of the animals and have the zero maintenance involved. A huge fan of Eyes On Tees and it’s growing design, this Rottweiler top has to be my current favourite from the brand!

My Week

Bil Arabi

I always find my self drawn to women who take on a love for something and simple succeed in it.
I had come across the brand Bil Arabi a while back, a beautiful design that uses arabic alphabet and the romantic and exquisite calligraphy and translates that  into jewelry.
The women behind the successful brand is Nadine Kanso who started from a single ring of the arabic letter “N” made of 18K gold and embellished with semi-precious stones. The rest as they say is history. The ring was such a success it resulted in the developing of the entire arabic alphabet and a growing empire of beautifully made rings, bracelets, and cuff links. I cant express how beautiful her pieces are. The beautiful diamond and precious stones she uses, the flirty and seductive words she use in her cuffs match with the simplicity yet powerful statement they make is just perfection.
To view the full collection visit Bil Arabi website at 


I woke up this morning to find my Instagram flooded with the announcement of Isabel Marant collaborating for H&M. The collection will be available Nov 14 (mark your calendars) will feature clothing and accessories for both men and women.
Since I am a fan of H&M designer collaboration and usually pick up at least one piece, I am excited to see if she will make a more affordable take on her successful sneakers.

My Week

Ear Cuff

I remember at 16 wanting to get my cartilage pierced. My mom was adamant that I was too young.
Her solution was to buy me the clip on cuff (remember the one that was about 1/2′ wide) well the ear cuffs have come along way.
I finally gave in and purchased one for my self and I will be honest I love this trend. It’s fun, age appropriate and the variety is endless. I would actually recommend a beautifully encrusted one to a modern bride instead of the traditional earrings or birdcage.
Here are a few looks I am loving including my own.