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Bead Loom

I had previously posted about the growing trend of friendship bracelets. I was recently reintroduced to bead loom by through one of my favourite brand Emidesh.
It’s such a fun and updated take on the traditional friendship bracelet but its all made out of beads. I do remember this trend from my childhood on thick bracelets. It is currently everywhere in different forms.
Here are a few of my favourite looks.


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Oh My

I think my desire to skip into summer has driven me to only fancy sunglasses that makes me dream of the warm weather. I am currently crushing on new embellished sunnies. Although I am hesitant to give in to this fad, it is hard to resist it. Here are a few of my current favourite sunnies that are all about summer.

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Mirror Mirror

I had to share my new sunnies that are patiently waiting for Summer.
Mirrored sunnies are a fun and chic way to accessories an outfit. I personally loved the mirrored and clear frame combination.
What are your thoughts on this trend?

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A trend that has been widely embraced by women of all age groups is the Friendship Bracelet.
A staple on every bloggers outfit post has become the idea of layering to-no-end a stack of beautifully coloured friendship bracelets.
I personally love this trend, and if you follow me on Instagram, I periodically post pictures of my “arm party”.
Here are a few looks that I have found and adore. This is also a great way to incorporate colour to overcome the winter blues.
Now the pictures…


Did you know that the last thing you put on is the first thing to be noticed? So no wonder our bag & shoes make an outfit go from Good to Fantastic!
My go-to weekend handbag option has always been a clutch. I have been wearing them for years, and my collection is growing with all sizes and colours. So when I came across this new and exceptionally fantastic take on a knitting technique that results in beautiful and organic clutches and bags, I fell in love. My favourite pieces is the neon coloured clutch with endless outfits that I can pair it with.
I had the opportunity to speak with the designer brain of this knitting technique and the women behind the brand KNOTS & KNITS.

Tell us a little about your self?
After finishing up my studies here in Brisbane, my graduate collection won me the chance to complete a short Masters in Fashion Design at Polimoda Institute in Florence Italy. Italy was amazing and super inspiring, showing my the art and emotion behind a collection. After I came home from Italy, to learn more about the commercial side to design and offshore processes, I worked my way up through the ranks at Billabong Australia, becoming a Ladies Apparel Designer for the Australasia regions. My creative itch was to big to continue on there, so I applied for a scholarship through the Queensland Government to work overseas. I won, and chose London. In London I worked out of East London, firstly for Antipodium and then for renowned English knitwear genius James Long. I never thought I would have my own label, but working out of East London inspired me to go home and do my own thing. I think my own creativity was overpowering my urge to work for other people.

I love forward thinking designers, so what made you think knots can translate to handbags?

It was when I was in London working for James Long, I was thinking how much I love knitwear, and so do a lot of other Australians, but it is just far too hot to wear knitwear a lot of the year. So I got thinking that there has to be a way knitwear can be worn in Summer. After I came home I started experimenting with my already over sized knitting needles and different yarn mediums, and out of that evolved the first knitted roping handbag.

Your favourite piece of the collection and how do you wear it?

I have to say each season I always end up wearing one of the slouches. I just love them, they are the perfect everyday carry bag. This season I am wearing the turquoise and natural Ebb & Flow Slouch and added a neon citrus bag tassel! If I’m heading out at night, I always just grab either a Zephyr Mini Clutch or Through The Haze clutch, both perfect for a night out!

Where can we find your collection?

I have just launched my online store this week actually! Its at
I am including Lot’s of one-off designs, things that I make while experimenting with different colours, this changes regularly so you have to check it out weekly!

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