Printed Peplum

H&M peplum top, H&M skinny jeans, ALDO heels, Burberry glasses

The moment I saw H&M new collection release, I fell in love with their pokadot peplum top.
And 3 different H&M locations later, It was mine! I loved the fit with the fun exposed zipper detail and peak-a-boo opening in the back.Make sure to check out H&M new collection and this fun pokadot print comes in trousers & dresses.
Happy shopping.

My Week

Ramadan Karem

To all my celebrating readers, I wanted to wish you and your families Ramadan Karem.One of my favorite things and memories about Ramadan is spending eftoor (breaking the fast) among my family and patiently waiting for the time to eat my moms delicious food.
I love the gathering of families, food & great laughs, long nights of coffee, Ramadan desserts & eshoor (starting of the fast).
I would love to hear how your all spending your first few days or Ramadan.
From my small family (my husband & I) I wish you all my lovely readers a Ramadan Kareem.


Pure Alfre Sung top, DIY jean shorts, Converse runners

The love/hate relationship that I have regarding my converse has been interesting. I get mixed reviews where some people feel they look manly or boyish & others like and compliment them. Last week I finally gave in and wore my converse against my hubby wishes (he claims I look like a teenager in them..what women doesn’t want to look young again lol) I love the casual chic look they give off. I must confess I have a love for converse because of the European infusion to an otherwise basic outfit. While I was in Paris, it seemed everyone owned a pair! Here are a few of my favourite converse looks that look so chic and simple.

My Week

Scarf Dress

Local boutique Scarf Dress, ALDO heels, Hudson Bay clutch

Although I work in fashion and went to school for it, I am sometimes hesitant to buy certain looks; my hubby on the other hand, seems to always push me to venture out and channel into my inner fashion diva! I adore him for that. When he first bought this dress for me last year, I wore it once and let me be honest with you, I was not really to sure about it.
This past weekend I managed to muster up the diva type courage, and wore it on a date night with him. I’ll admit it…I was in love with how I felt in the dress! I liked the fun cut of it, along with the fabulous print. The mixture of colours and accents to the prints definitely caught my eye.
It’s also an added bonus that the scarf trend is major this year.
Here are a few of my favourite looks and I say, no one does it better then D&aG.

My Week