3 Questions

“Who needs to fall in Love… I’d rather fall in chocolate.”
I LOVE to find independently owned business and was so excited to find out that the new chocolate wonderland that opened near my work @ Liberty Village is owned by two fabulous friends Lisa & Stephanie.
Upon entering the store, you’re greeted by the wonderful owners who always have a fresh plate of tasty treats to taste test. Don’t mind if I do! LOL
The chic chocolate wonderland is beautifully decorated with a full stand of candy apples on display (a must try) and baskets of their tasty chocolates. And the best part: the chocolate pumps!!
What women wouldn’t want a pair of edible pumps?
Here is my 3 Questions to The Golden Apple Lisa & Stephanie.
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1. Who are Lisa & Stephanie? How did you decide to open a store together?
Stephanie and I(Lisa) met in our third year of high school. We instantly bonded over horses, food and of course, sweets! We did our business out of home for a number of years and then we decided to take our venture full time and open a store.

2. Why chocolate?(for obvious reasons but why)
When Stephanie and I get together, you can bet there is some sort of food involved. We are constantly thinking of new and fun things with food and almost everything ends up covered in chocolate. Who doesn’t like chocolate?!

3. Your personal favourite treat & why? What is the one ingredient you cant live out in your kitchen?
Lisa: I have a few favourites but the one I can eat at any given time is the granny smith apple pie apple. I love the caramel, fresh apple and hint of spice!
Steph: my favorite is the spicy cashew brittle, I can’t stop eating it. The salty & sweet mix with a bite of spice at the end keeps me coming back!
The one ingredient we must have stocked in our kitchen is of course, chocolate! Although we have a few treats without this power house, it’s our best friend and we can’t live it without it.

My Week

Short Front Combo Dress

Winners high-low dress, ALDO shoes

Is it short? Is it maxi? It’s both!I recently purchased a jersey dress with the short-front, long back, asymmetrical design.
I have been loving this style for a while now, (I like it most on pleated skirts) but when I saw this plain basic jersey dress with stripes, I was in love. I loved the fit, the colours, and the simplicity of the cut while keeping the attention on the hem line.
One of the key elements to keep in mind when going for this look is keep the cut simple and nothing should take away from the hemline detail.
Happy Shopping!

My Week


Anyone who follows me on Instagram (Coconut Lace @hindmatar) would know that I am currently obsessed with Cuffs!! I have always loved the look of a cuff that can make a statement on your wrist.
I am currently on the hunt for a bedouin inspired cuff with turquoise &red accents. Fingers crossed!


One of the biggest trend that is revamping it self has to be the shorts!While on vacation, ALL I wore were shorts, and I noticed that a lot more shopping stores & boutiques are catering to that trend.The basic short is getting a make over in leather, prints, & my favorite lace. Paired with a basic tee or a blouse and you are summer-chic!

  • All Shorts from Zara (www.zara.com)

My Week

Palazzo Pants

Anthropolgie palazzo pant, Moon tank

While on vacation, I purchases these high waisted pants at Anthropologie.
I fell in love with them the minute they touched my skin. lol
My advice on pulling this trend off is don’t cheapen out on the fabric and make sure its a great fit. I would also recommend keeping the top fitted to balance the flow of the palazzo pants.

Color Block

Pure Alfred Sung blouse, Club Monaco pants, Burberry glasses

We have been experiencing some interesting weather in Toronto. One minute it’s cold, next it’s raining, then throw in some sunshine!!
So with the theme of mixed weather, I decided to be cheerful and play with a little color.
I bought these Club Monaco pants a while back and this would count for my second time wearing them!!
Decided to play with the beautiful tone of red (I feel almost blood orange) and paired it with a blue blouse.
So this goes to show that the weather blues is cured with colour!

My Week