Neon…Yes Please

Neon is all over the place!!
I actually love the look of neon coloured clothing for Spring & Summer.
Nothing says Good Bye winter like bright colors.
My fav (& I keep seeing everywhere) is neon yellow.
What is your fav Neon colour? Green, Yellow or Pink?

  • Candy coloured pants from Material Girl (

Spring Blossom

H&M Dress, Emidesh ring, ALDO shoes, Mac&Jac sunnies

Spring is in the air!!!
Today we are experiencing exceptionally warm weather for March in Canada. So in celebration of this lovely weather I decided to wear my new Floral print shift dress!!
I know I need a tan but honestly who cares at this point after months of cold weather (didn’t really snow much thank God) I am just happy to be in Spring clothes.
Oh Spring & Summer… everything about you makes me happy.

The Art of Jewellery

Have you ever meet a person who just has a passion and is truly gifted at it?
This is how I feel about Najeha Uddin the designer behins Emidesh which is a beautiful jewellery line that she produced and designed herself.
I have the pleasure of personally knowing Najeha, and let me tell you she is truly talented.
A fashion design graduate and a jack of all trades in anything art related. Her jewellery line reflects her beautiful taste in mixing elements from her own cultural background of Bangladesh and Emirates with that of the Western world.
In fact, the name of her line is a combination of both EMIrates and BanglanDESH.
She is of Bangladeshi descent but born and raised in the United Arab Emirates.
She mainly draws most of her inspirations from those two cultures: such as bold use of colour with gold and silver. She also uses material such as stones, crystal and wooden beads for many of her pieces.
I personally love her selection of beautiful stones in different makes.
Her newest venture is wire manipulation; where she assembles pieces such as ring all out of wire and then adds stones and beads to it.
Emidesh will be launching its first trunk show this year.
Here is a selection of photos from Emidesh.

~Exciting news~ Emidesh will be giving away a wired ring from her beautiful collection on Coconut Lace.

1 Month

Le Chateau top, Moon skirt, Christian Louboutin shoes

I am celebrating my first month of blogging!
I can’t believe how fast time flies.
I started blogging as a self journey, a place to store all my thoughts and love for things that appeal to me.
Would love to hear what you’re liking about the blog, and what more would you want me to cover.
Happy Reading
Coconut Lace

Got It

Marni maxi dress for H&M, Vintage necklace, ALDO cuff

I am so excited that my wonderful hubby got me the Marni maxi dress!
I LOVE the fit. Ultra comfortable without compromising style.
And the icing on the cake: POCKETS!! Yes, pockets.
No wonder that the same day it was launched, the maxi dress was sold out (hours later in fact) at Toronto Eaton Centre.
But fear not. If you are determined to get it, and don’t mind paying WAY more, check out Ebay.
I can’t wait to wear this lovely dress and I predict I will be wearing it a lot.

Trompe-L’oeil Tote

I love tote bags! I seem to use them the most in the summer for beach days.
I have been seeing more and more of these fantastic Trompe-L’oeil effect done on bags.
What is a Trompe-L’oeil effect you ask? Its an art technique which uses a realistic image to create an optical illusion.
So the tote bag is simple with not much detail. Then it gets revamped with say Birkins photo image to give the illusion of a Birkins bag!
It’s such a fun and creative way to revamp an old tote bag. Its also a great way to invest in tote bags with out spending too much.
I am a huge fan of this trend and here are a few of my favorite that have caught my eye.
Now if only Spring can come sooner!!(sighh)